Park Services and Amenities

  • 63 years of servicing and supporting the city’s largest employers.


Providing a well-maintained and secure park environment is a priority for the Greater New Bedford Industrial Foundation.  The Foundation has service contracts with maintenance and security companies to help meet this goal. Security guards are patrolling on-site during weekends and holidays and any issues reported immediately to the Foundation with weekly reports submitted.  Maintenance upholds the beautification of common areas in concert with city services.

A monthly quarterly invoice is sent to all park companies to assist in supporting these expenses. For a total of $625 per quarter for security and maintenance per site and maintenance only billed at $365 per quarter per site.  These costs may fluctuate from year to year, primarily based on weather and a portion is borne by the Foundation and is set in January for the year.


  • Modern telecommunications infrastructure T-1, T-3, Cable, DSL and wireless internet
  • All utilities underground and 5 million gallons a day of spare water & sewer capacity
  • Park security patrol service
  • Outstanding common area grounds maintenance
  • Convenient, on-site food and gas
  • Bus service to and within park
  • CSX freight rail line runs through park
  • Strong protective covenants


  • State Master Plan Approval EOEA, MEPA, NHESP, MHC & DOT
  • Wetlands flagging of entire park
  • City & town permits can be obtained within 90 days

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2nd Floor
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